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A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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Pictured above Joshua (in blue) with his parents, wife Joy, & children Amy and Emanuel.

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The Vision: The Journey begins…..

The next day they were contacted by a Christian cotton producer who made Gospel T-shirts, enquiring if Pastor Mophet wanted any t-shirts printing for Harvest Mission?
“Maybe,” he said, “but we do have a friend coming out from England in November, can we make an appointment for him to come and see you?” And so an appointment was set up, and Paul flew out from Heathrow in November 2007.
Arriving in India was wonderful. Pastor Mophet and his wife really honoured Paul in their house, and he felt privileged to be to seeing firsthand the amazing work God is doing through Harvest Mission.
During Paul’s one week stay, Pastor had one free day to take Paul on the 16 hour, overnight train journey to the Head of the Gospel T-shirt Company. Paul had taken two Bibles on his trip, as presents, one for Pastor Mophet and the other for this man he was about to meet. Paul could then give the man his gift and say to him that their relationship was to be based on this Book. Trust was essential.
When Pastor and Paul walked into his office, the boss of the company had his whole production team waiting to meet them, along with his sister and her husband. Paul showed them all the designs, explained the Vision, and immediately the team knew this project was something special.
Joshua, the head of the Company explained that usually his company made T-shirts and sportswear for corporate businesses in South East Asia, and from the profits made Gospel T-shirts. Duvet covers would therefore be a whole new concept for them.
Paul, Pastor Mophet, Joshua and Rajan, the Production manager then went from Joshua’s office to meet Joshua’s parents in their home, and then on to visit all the factories that would be involved in the production.
Being a man of God and a true disciple of Christ, Joshua would have nothing to do with unrighteous or unethical cotton producers. That was another concern answered!
The four men spent the whole day together, talking over possibilities to reduce prices, yet maintain the highest standard of product.
Paul could see that Joshua’s heart was the same as his won: to produce these duvets covers at the highest standard, but at the cheapest price so that every Christian parent can have a godly duvet design on their children’s bed. So much was achieved that day!
Paul explains, “The only way I can describe it, was as if God took a thousand hours and compressed them into eight! Our hearts were knitted together.” Joshua is personally coordinating and overseeing the production of the duvets in India. Having met the man, Paul has complete peace and certainty that God arranged their working together.
Joshua is truly a man of integrity and a brother in Christ, believes Paul. From his Gospel T-shirt business, Joshua set up an organization called Providence that takes care of destitute children in Calcutta & Chennai, Southern India.
To find out more about the work of Providence, contact
So, join us, wrap your precious children in the Word of God!  From the profits of the enterprise, a percentage will be given to three on-going works, both in India and the U.K. They are:
Pastor Mophet’s Harvest Mission:
The residential drug freeing work with young men at The Haven, Scotland. Please visit their website to see what a wonderfully fruitful work of God this is:
And the establishing of a Christian run Nursing Home in Lincolnshire for elderly saints and widows. Please visit the sites!
And please feel free to contact Paul Vivian:
Thank you. If you also believe what we are about is a worthwhile cause, please spread the word about us. Let’s get the Truth into the Lives of our children as early as possible. Thank you!