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A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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New Bible Hero Range duvet and pillow sets

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(Pictured above The Harvest Mission Christian School assembly. A total of 370 children, 55 full orphans.)


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The Vision: The Journey begins…..

Whilst driving home from the camp, Paul had begun to think about Pastor Mophet and his burden for the children of India, and told the Lord that he would like to help with the need. Paul began to cry with joy as the Lord impressed upon his heart the number 20,000! “How”, cried Paul, “can I help 20,000 children in India?”
A short while later, Gabriel had strolled into the bathroom in his red Spiderman underpants….
Now, it took several months for Laura and Paul to decide upon the characters to be included in the first set of duvet covers and pillow cases, and how they were to look. Laura was very compliant to Paul’s ideas, and began to work on the brief Paul had given her. The picture of Esther for example, had to “look like what every Mum wants her daughter to look like on the day of her wedding; pure and beautiful.
During this time, Paul wrote to Pastor Mophet now back in India, and explained the Vision of making duvet covers and curtains for children’s bedrooms. Paul didn’t have Pastor Mophet’s current address, so he’d had to send the letter through his contacts at Kingdom Faith Bible School where Pastor Mophet had attended two years previously. So the letter was first posted to the Bible College and then the Bible College forwarded the letter on to India.
Several months went by when out of the blue, Paul received a phone call from Pastor Mophet who was in London, on a Fund Raising Mission. His purpose to the U.K., to raise funds for the Christian School, Bible School and Orphanage that he and his wife, Mini began in 1999 in South India. Harvest Mission.
Over the phone, Pastor Mophet told Paul that he had received his letter sent from Kingdom Faith and that he had one night free in his busy itinery. He asked Paul if he could travel from London to Paul’s home in Louth, Lincolnshire to talk and pray about this Vision Paul had? Of course! Paul met Pastor Mophet at the bus station, drove him back to his nearby home, and the two men spent the night sharing and praying about the TruthFabric Vision. Early in the morning, Pastor returned on the bus to London. The two men’s hearts had been knitted together. The Vision was remarkably and miraculously coming together!
(Pictured above Pastor Mophet, his wife Mini, and children Sharron and Aaron)
In September 2007 Paul took five start-up duvet designs to a large, local Christian Camp, Grapevine. Paul spent several afternoons rushing from caravan to caravan showing and discussing his designs with parents, grandparents and children.
Asking the people their opinions on the designs, what kind of prices would they want to pay etc. Paul was listening to his market, and adapting his ideas to suit. But the overall response was always extremely positive!
So Paul decided to take it one step further, and ask these people who said they liked the idea to support him by sponsoring a trip to India. Having the duvets produced over there would surely be much cheaper. With Pastor Mophet his Christian contact in India, surely that would serve as an advantage; to get the duvets produced ethically and at a lower cost. More people would be therefore able to afford them for their children.
Such was the response, that within two months Paul had £800 towards the airfare! Sponsorship had come from Christians, and non-Christians, individuals and Churches, both in the U.K. and in Spain. It seemed many people believed that the idea would work!
A close friend suggested to Paul that he should have meetings set up in India with cotton/textile manufacturers prior to his departure from the UK. It would be such a shame to go all that way and find no-one in! So Paul contacted Pastor Mophet and asked him to do some ground work; to contact any such Christian textile producer(s), they knew and arrange appointments for sometime in November.  However, Pastor Mophet and his wife had no idea who to contact. So they prayed.