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A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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New Bible Hero Range duvet and pillow sets

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Top Quality Bible-based bedding and fabrics designed to bring a whole new innovation to your child's bedroom. Find out more here

(Pictured right John Wilkinson, a good friend of the family, who has helped greatly with the graphics of the duvets.)


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The Vision: The Journey begins…..

TruthFabric was born out of a need. The need to give Christian parents the option of covering their children’s bed with the Word of God and a True Bible Character.
First thing in the morning and last thing at night, children would see the Truth and be able to read the Word. And at night, to sleep under the Word of God!
If any parent wanted to buy a duvet cover for their child with Spiderman, Batman, Barbie etc. then they could, simply walk into any supermarket and there they are.
But why should Bible-believing parents not be able to buy what they consider to be the Truth for their most precious children?
The Vision began one day while Paul was in the bathroom and in walked his 18 month old son, Gabriel, wearing nothing apart from a pair of red Spiderman underpants that someone had given his wife! Paul’s spirit was immediately impacted with the question, “Why can’t my little boy wear Joshua, or Gideon or David on his undies, and not these fantasy comic hero caricature?”
The Bible says that eternity is born into the heart of every child. What the world gives are fictitious characters, super hero’s that defeat evil, and against all the odds come back from the grave to defeat the baddy at the eleventh hour. What each child is searching for is the one true hero, Jesus Christ.
So we give them that! From the earliest age!
 From the initial bathroom episode with Gabriel the consolidation of the Vision was a slow, yet steady, step by step process.
After Paul explained the Vision to the Pastor’s wife at his local church, she gave Paul the idea of talking to a young Christian woman who had a very artistic gift. Paul phoned Laura (pictured left  with some of her students) later that same day, and explained the Vision; to give Christian parents the option of being able to put Scripture and a godly Bible character on their children’s beds. Laura immediately responded with enthusiasm, and pledged her whole-hearted involvement.
Now let’s just go back two or three weeks….
Paul had met Pastor Robert Mophet from India at a large Christian Summer Camp that year. The two men had come out of the same morning meeting, and had begun to speak together as they walked along. In the direction of their tents.
Pastor Mophet had shared with Paul his burden for the children of India., since he had begun an orphanage and Christian School in Trivandrum, South India in 1999. The two men listened to each other’s heart for children and had encouraged each other, had shaken hands and then parted.