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A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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Daniel: Duvet and matching pillow case.

100% Cotton
Size: 133cm x 198cm
AZO free dyed
Daniel is a very needed and relevant real model character for boys and girls today. He showed himself to be a person who studied hard, listened to his teachers, talked to God and trusted in Him continually - even risking being thrown to the lions rather than miss his prayer time! Most importantly, Daniel continued to do what was right and moral even though all his peers were doing what was wrong and immoral. Daniel continually trusted in God, and God continually protected Daniel and placed him in a position of responsibility and leadership. Daniel is said to have been of smart appearance, standing out from the crowd, had understanding of things others found it difficult to understand, and a real man with strength of character who served under three kings. Don't we all as parents want our children to have the same qualities?

Customer Reviews

It's a brilliant idea and a really good quality product. We pray Gods blessing on Truth Fabric and all you are doing...
With appreciation
Godfrey & Gill

I had the pleasure of getting my order today Thanks so much!
IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!  They are for my 10 1/2 and 12 year old boys-THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Charlie, USA

It's a great idea. The world needs it to work! And the bedding itself is fantastic quality
We all want our kids to grow up honest, trustworthy, respectable, honouring the elderly etc. These character values are essential for all kids, regardless of their religion. It doesn't matter if you're a Seik, Muslim, Christian or Aztec! we all want our kids to be the great citizens and valuable members of their communities. The character heroes that Truthfabric use are brilliant for that. I don't know any other.... And kids need constant teaching and showing what is right. What better way than on their beds, in their homes, when they go to bed and when they get up. It's a great idea. The world needs it to work! And the bedding itself is fantastic quality.
Dr. Barton (G.P.)
Reads: 'My God is so Big so strong and so Mighty'