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Songs from our friends in India

A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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Shield Duvet and matching pillow case with CD

100% Cotton
Size: 133cm x 198cm
AZO free dyed
The Lion Shield

The Lord is my Shield! Yes, He is to all those who trust in Him! Incorporated into this bold design are some of the most popular symbols of Who Jesus is and what He has done and is doing today. These symbols are 'brought to life' with tremendous pageantry on the accompanying CD, with thunder rolls and lightning flashes, lions roaring and the scrolls of heaven being opened. It is truly a tremendous and very touching explanation of the symbols used on the duvet and pillow case set. The story featured on this CD is that of King Jeosophat. Despite being heavily out numbered by the enemy army, the king of Israel sets up the battle array with the Tribe of Judah - which means praise- in the front line. They are to go into battle singing praises to God for their expected victory! The Lord sets an ambush and the enemy army end up fighting themselves and Israel win the day, with such great spoil it takes 3 days to collect all the booty! The negative report turns into a postive outcome; and we learn a valuable lesson about the importance of trusting God's Word, as well as the power of a praising tongue, in the face of what appears to be - in the physical - insurmountable odds! Don't we want our kids to be courageous and trust in God's Word above all circumstances?

Customer Reviews

Keep doing what you are doing

I do pray for you and your work – not sure why it has touched me but it has.

So keep doing what you are doing.

 I can clearly remember the teddy bear wall paper and the ‘Wombles’ light shade and the horrible flowery Eider Down that I used to have as a child. If I had had as a child a duvet with the word ‘ Chosen’ on it, maybe I would have known God’s security a lot sooner in life and avoided the horrible mess I got into.

Peter Clare, Adminstator at the Haven, Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Kilmacolm, Glasgow, Scotland

I love what Truthfabric stands for

It's high time parents woke up to the evil that is out. I love what Truthfabric stands for and what it is doing to combat the darkness of negative role models bent on death and destruction! We want our kids to know life, and get the most out of life. Teaching them godly character through the lives examples of real Bible Heroes is a great idea and helps kids - all kids, not just Christian kids - get the most out of life!

Pastor Ingrid (Head of a Christian School)

Reads: 'The Lord our Shield'  
CD Description:
Songs, prayers and the Bible stories.
Brought to you by 'Truth in Action' team
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'Sword of the Lord' Song Preview: (Click to play audio clip)