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Songs from our friends in India

A percentage from the sale of each bedset sold goes to Harvest Ministries, India, plus The Haven, drug rehabilitation centre, Scotland.

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Ruth Duvet and matching pillow case with CD

100% Cotton
Size: 133cm x 198cm
AZO free dyed

Ruth was a character who protrays self-less committment and loyalty to her family, leaving her homeland behind and cleaving to her elderly mother-in-law. Through her tireless determination and obedience, Ruth eventually marries Naomi's kins-man redeemer and restores her family to their rightful inheritance. There are many noble and virtuous qualities of character that Ruth emulates. Qualities of faith, love, integrity, loyalty, obedience, hard work, and a teachable spirit are all personified in Ruth. Her beliefs and character traits were so obviously passed down through her generations so that eventually her great grandson became the most remarkable man and king Israel has ever known, King David, described by God Himself as being, "a man after My own heart". Surely this had a lot to do with the character values Ruth role-modeled to her son Obed, who later passed them on to his son Jesse, who taught them to David! Here we can see the importance of how what we teach to our children affects not only our 'seed', but their 'seed' and their 'seed', down the generational line!

Customer Reviews

Lovely idea and wonderful gift
I was delighted to receive my second order just recently - comments I have received are along the line of:
What a lovely idea and wonderful gift, it really show how much you care.
The words and images were so lovely, and the thought that my child was within them made me cry with gratitude
What others do they do?
I'm not sure how usable these "snippets" are, but I for one am very impressed with the quality and feel of the material as well as the quality of message they convey.
God bless
Elizabeth the First (the first Truthfabric Customer)!

Reads: 'Kept in safety wherever I go'  
CD Description:
Songs, prayers and the Bible story of Ruth.
Brought to you by 'Truth in Action' team
Story Preview: (Click to play audio clip)

'Harvest of Joy' Song Preview: (Click to play audio clip)