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Da Capo

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The Blacksmith (trad /Arr Da Capo) 2.57

The Bergen (Lowe) 4.14

They trees they do grow high (Trad/ Arr Da Capo) 4.11

Scarecrows (Rosie Brumpton) 3.01

Coal Town Days (Lowe) 3.14

Otby Lane (Daphne Gooderson/Paula Sellars)

Old Maid (Trad/ Arr Da capo) 3.35

Sally Gardens (Yeats/Trad/ Arr Da Capo) 2.52

Ned on the hill (Trad/Arr Da Capo)

After the Goldrush (Young) 2.11

The tale of Tom Otter (Paula Sellars/ Jacqui Ward) 4.59

Black Jack Davy (Trad/Arr Da Capo)

Song of the Myra (McGillivary) 3.15

Springhill disaster (Seeger/MacColl) 4.00

Moonlight shadow (Oldfield) 3.26

The rose (McBroom) 3.00


Peace will Come (Paxton) 4.03

After the Goldrush (Young) 2.14

Another Time

The Clock Ticks On (Blackmore/Night) 3.27

The Future’s Exchange (Small) 3.27

Your Wildest Dreams (Hayward) 4.01

Mary Ellen Carter (Rogers) 4.31

Whiskey Highway (Clements/Stonier) 5.18




Sold in aid of Market Rasen Alzheimer’s Society Group.       

In memory of Dr Jim Ward.

Sold in aid of the Radiotherapy Unit, Lincoln County Hospital. R.I.P. Helen Benson

Best Christmas Present

Hasten Ye Shepherds (Sellars/Arr Da Capo) 2.06

O Men from the Fields (Cooke) 1.27  

Away in a Manger (Normandy) (Trad/Arr Jacques) 1.56

10 x 10 = 1 (Brumpton) 2.51

A Christmas Baby (Brumpton) 1.58

The Best Christmas Present of All (Brumpton) 3.13

Gently Softly (Bedford) 3.02

In the Bleak Midwinter (Darke/Arr Da Capo) 1.58

Scarecrow Christmas (Trad/Arr Da Capo) 3.21

Silent Night (Trad/Gruber) 2.09

Gaudete (Trad/Arr da Capo) 1.57

Jingle Bells (Pierpont/Arr Da Capo) 0.45

The Snowman’s Song (Mayor/James) 3.25

Away in a Manger (Folk) (Kirkpatrick Arr Da Capo) 2.56

Somebody’s Christmas (Brumpton) 2.21

Coventry Carol (Trad/Arr Shaw) 2.02

Winter’s Tale (Batt/Rice) 3.22


christmas baby sample.wav

Ho Ho Ho…

Away in a Manger (Kirkpatrick/Denver) Arr  Da Capo 2:23

Wassail (Traditional Gloucester) Arr Da Capo 2:16

Boar’s Head Carol (Traditional English) 1:48

Wexford Carol (Grattan/Traditional Irish) Arr  Da Capo 2:33

I Saw a Maiden (Freeman) 3:03

The Holly and the Ivy (Traditional/Prior/Hart/Johnson/Kemp/Knight/) 2:03

O Holy Night (Cantique de Noel) Adolphe) Arr Da Capo 4:33

If (Brumpton) Arr Da Capo 3:06

Big Red (Bedford) Arr Da Capo  4:44



Alright on the Night (Hull)   2:46

In Your Dreams (Brumpton) 4:13

Shiver Me Timbers (Waits) Arr Da Capo  2:27  

Let Her Go Down (Knight) Arr Da Capo 3:08      

The Circle Game (Mitchell)  Arr Da Capo  4:45

Against the Wind (Brennan/Jarvis)   Arr Da Capo 3:00

Somewhere Along the Road (Kemp)  Arr Da Capo 3:20

The Victory (Ashton) Arr Da Capo 3:40                      

Dark Eyed Sailor (Traditional) Arr Da Capo  5:13

The Visitor (Arrowsmith) Arr Da Capo 5:15

The Reivers (Chapman/Brydon)  Arr Da Capo  3:37

MacPherson’s Farewell (Burns/Arrowsmith) Arr Da Capo 4:10 Keep You in Peace (Morgan) Arr Da Capo  2:35

The Rose (McBroom) Arr Da Capo 3:19